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ece family services

Senior Companions

COAD’s Senior Companion Program provides volunteer opportunities to men and women age 55 and older. Senior Companion Volunteers are healthy older adults who help other adults live independently.

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ece family services

Foster Grandparents

The COAD Foster Grandparent Program has been providing meaningful volunteer services opportunities to men and women age 55 years and older working with both children and youth who are in need.

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ece family services

Retired Senior Volunteers

RSVP matches the personal interests and skills of older Americans (55 and older) with opportunities to help solve community problems.

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1.  Kno-Ho-Co Ashland C.A.C.
     (740) 622-9801
2.  HARCATUS Tri-County C.A.O.
     (740) 922-0933
3.  C.A.A. of Columbiana County
     (330) 424-7221
4.  Jefferson County C.A.C.
     (740) 282-0971
5.  Muskingum E.O.A.G.
     (740) 453-5703
6.  G.M.N. Tri-County C.A.C.
     (740) 732-2388
7.  C.A.C. of Belmont County
     (740) 695-0294
8.  Hocking-Athens-Perry  
     Community Action
     (740) 767-4500
9.    C.A.P.C. of Washington-
       Morgan Counties
       (740) 373-3745

10.  Ross County C.A.C.
       (740) 702-7222
11.  Highland County C.A.O.
       (937) 393-3458
12.  C.A.C. of Pike County
       (740) 289-2371
13.  Jackson-Vinton C.A.A.
       (740) 384-3722
14.  Gallia-Meigs C.A.A.
       (740) 367-7341
15.  Adams-Brown Counties
       Economic Opportunities
       (800) 553-7393
16.  C.A.O. of Scioto County
       (740) 354-7541
17.  Ironton-Lawrence County
       Area C.A.O.
       (740) 532-3534

COAD Programs for Seniors

Since 1972 COAD’s Senior Programs have provided volunteer opportunities for individuals age 55 and older. The programs are designed to help older Ohioans find meaningful community service opportunities as mentors and tutors to disadvantaged children and youth, and to other senior citizens who need supportive service to remain in their own homes. Currently over 800 volunteers perform over 450,000 hours of volunteer service each year.


“Without my assistance, the husband of my client who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease would not be able to leave their home. With my help as a volunteer he can get away to do other chores and get some time for himself.”
Senior Companion, Mariann Sturniolo